Taking A Different Approach Is Crucial

A rising tide lifts all boats; are you truly better off if you make the same amount of money as others? In the investment world, to be truly better off, we need to invest differently from the crowd.

Think Differently

Market Commentary
July 2024

Global equity markets had a robust first half, with US equity gains surpassing even optimistic expectations.….

Broken Crayons

Jubal Kenneth Bernal Uvdhvgaeem4 UnsplashFAM Update – Iran attacks Israel

What happened, We study the details behind it in this article

Understanding Economic Cycles #3

How should we adjust our investing strategies in this new environment?


FAM Global Income Fund
Beat inflation and generate multiple streams of truly diversified and solid income.
FAM Global Income Fund
  • Today’s higher interest rate environment brings greater opportunities for fixed income investors to generate income over the long term. However, this come amid a rising inflationary environment and market volatility.
  • Stay on top of rising prices and protect your income by seizing potentially higher and more stable income by going beyond developed markets and into emerging markets and alternative assets.
FAM Millennium Equity Fund
Be better off with truly differentiated investments
FAM Millennium Equity Fund
  • Market opportunities arise due to the inefficiencies that come along with the emotional swings of buyers and sellers. Taking advantage of these opportunities requires hard work and a willingness to invest away from the crowd.
  • FME searches globally for underappreciated market opportunities so that our investors can truly be better off by taking a different path.
Meranti Millennium Equity Fund
Be fully invested and face every crisis without fear
Meranti Millennium Equity Fund
  • The next financial crisis is unpredictable yet inevitable. To avoid the pain of going through the storm, some investors choose not to invest, even if they understand that markets will eventually bring them return over time.
  • Meranti's Dynamic Risk Mitigation (DRM) strategy mitigates the impact of large losses due to crises.
FAM Global Opportunities Fund
Providing the missing link in classical multi-asset portfolios
FAM Global Opportunities Fund
  • Multi-asset portfolios blend equities and bonds for those who prefer a smoother ride through market cycles.
  • But today, this strategy in its classical form faces challenges not seen or dealt with by investors in decades.
  • Adding alternatives to the classical multi-asset approach is the solution for True Diversification.
FAM Alternative Income Fund
Generate resilient income with truly alternative investments
FAM Alternative Income Fund
  • Equity investments are known for their higher returns. However, not everyone can sit through the volatility to realise the returns.
  • Some people may choose to invest in assets with lower volatility, such as money market funds, in order to avoid the feeling of uneasiness. But in doing so, they risk losing to inflation.
  • FAI offers investors a novel solution to earn higher returns without experiencing much market volatility.