Meranti Millennium Equity Fund

MME allows investors to invest with confidence by providing the upside of global equities while protecting against market crashes.

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    2. Artisan Managers For Maximum Impact

    Artisans combine aptitude, practice, and experience to become masters of their craft. When it comes to investments, there are low-profile artisans who focus on performance rather than promoting themselves. By assembling them in our portfolios, we are able to find opportunities that passive investors have yet to discover. The numbers below show the difference.


    Investing with artisan managers would have created excess wealth of 16%.

    Artisan managers
    ultimately accounted for
    of the investment managers


    Artisan managers beat their respective indices 54% of the time in years following one in which they outperformed, a common way to evaluate persistence of performance.

    Artisan managers beat indices across all equity categories during elevated volatility, They created average annual net excess of returns of
    Global Equities
    Small Cap Equities
    Emerging Market
    U.S. Large Cap Value
    Mme Mob2
    Source: Finexis Asset Management, AMG proprietary analysis and classification of firms and strategies. For illustrative purposes only. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.
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    3. Protection From Investors’ Emotion

    MME is designed to allow one to enjoy a high equity return with confidence by avoiding::
    1. Financial pain: Large losses hurt wealth compounding. Global equities delivered a 138% total return if you invested just before the 2008 GFC (the worst can happen to anyone). With MME, your return would be improved to 245%.
    2. Psychological pain: The worst is not getting in just before a market crash; the worst is when investors cannot take the pain, invariably liquidating their investment, resulting in permanent capital loss.
    31 AUGUST 2007 – 28 FEBRUARY 2022
    Global Equity with DRM Global Equity
    Avg Drawdown -6.98% -11.25%
    Worst Drawdown -30.90% -54.92%
    Total Return 245.55% 138.66%
    Value of $10,000 at end Feb ’22
    • Global Equity with DRM: -30.90%
    • Global Equity: -54.92%
    COVID – 19
    • Global Equity with DRM: -6.59%
    • Global Equity: -21.36%
    Total Return
    Total Return
    Mme Mob3
    Source: Finexis Asset Management, Bloomberg. For illustrative purposes only. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.