Zongting Adjusted

Tan Zongting


Zongting enjoys the outdoors through sports such as hiking, kayaking, and cycling. Being exposed to such extreme conditions makes him feel most alive, as he relishes completing seemingly impossible challenges and enjoying the fruits of his efforts. The desire for growth and the courage to face obstacles is an important attitude brought to his work at FAM.

In school, his favourite subject was history, as he was fascinated by the lessons that can be learned from the past and for approaching the future. This aligns with FAM’s evidence-based investing approach, where the history of markets is studied to glean insights into the present and future investing climate.

His dream is to cycle across the Pamir Highway – one of the highest in the world – in search of an extreme adventure while soaking up the rich history of the former silk road. Zongting has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accountancy and Finance from the National University of Singapore.