Tai Adjusted

Tai Tng


Tai believes that driving performance for investors ought to be achieved by working together with others. He sees his hobbies in the same way, enjoying outdoor activities like rock climbing, hiking, and running with a group of like-minded people. He has a love for nature, prompting him to take an interest in environmental causes. He believes that benefits to the environment are intertwined with benefits to human beings and that an individual should leave the world a little better than how he/she found it.

At Finexis Asset Management (FAM), Tai is responsible for implementation across an investment’s life cycle. This means handling trade execution, portfolio rebalancing, and position monitoring. Tai has learned that markets, like nature, can respond or develop in unexpected ways. This has endowed him with a keen sense of things that keep him on his guard. Through the process, he makes sure that investors get returns that are as close as possible to what investment strategies promise, translating ideas into outcomes.

He received a B.S. in Chemistry (Applied) at NUS and started his career in commodity trading, trading physical cargo and financial contracts, which imbued him with a keen sense of markets.