Lixing Adjusted

Lim Lixing

Macro Research

Lixing graduated with a BSc in Economics and Finance from the University of Exeter, where he developed key knowledge of micro-events and their interactions. Lixing finds fulfillment in the dynamic work at FAM that keeps his finger on the pulse of the wider world. He works to draw out important connections to make sense of how financial markets evolve and generate ideas for FAM’s asset allocation strategies. In complementing this with systematic research, Lixing’s work is simultaneously grounded in empirical research and data. Achieving this balance in perspectives and approaches allows FAM to take a meaningful yet calculated risk to create an impact on portfolios.

Lixing also keeps his finger on the pulse of the real world, relishing in the discovery of new food, travel locations, or fresh experiences. FAM’s culture of independence encourages him to chart his own course and have the freedom to find alternative angles for FAM’s strategies in a market saturated with options.

Lixing started his career as an analyst at Meyado Private Wealth Management. Following this, he had a stint as an actuarial specialist at AXA, before eventually finding his niche in FAM.