Glenvis Adjusted

Glenvis Ng


Glenvis enjoys the process of honing in on a task and using her detail-oriented approach to maximise outcomes. She brings this approach to her volunteering and finds satisfaction in playing an essential role in her youth outreach organisation. At FAM, Glenvis is in charge of the essential processes of trade settlement, reconciliation, and valuation, ensuring that the market value of investments is accurately calculated and that investors’ interests are protected.

Glenvis thrives in the environment that the team has built up, which allows for transparent and honest communication, where opinions are freely exchanged and valued. This openness in communication and ideation contributes to FAM’s ability to innovate and develop, creating a distinctive workplace culture that she recognises as uncommon in the industry.

Prior to FAM, she headed operations at the Singapore unit of an international family office. She spent around a decade at Nikko Asset Management, during which she progressed through various roles in fund management operations and obtained a B.S. in Finance from the University College Dublin.