Chloe Adjusted

Chloe Ge

Talent and Optimization

As one of FAM’s early members, Chloe has not only internalized but is also an active proponent of its culture. She leads human capital development at the firm, empowering the team through engagement and alignment to support the firm’s growing needs and its business goals.

Chloe’s love of learning and problem-solving continues to bring value through the optimization of FAM’s structure. She believes in providing everyone with equal opportunities and is dedicated to building a supportive work culture in FAM. By collaborating with different team members, Chloe leverages her strengths in project management, balancing outcomes with evolving needs.

Chloe believes in meeting uncertainty with careful deliberation while remaining open to exploring new experiences and opportunities. In her pockets of free time, she explores the world through a reading list that feeds her appetite to take in diverse experiences. She graduated with a BA in Accounting and Finance from the University of Bradford.