Chen Lijia1

Faith Chen

Chief Executive Officer

Faith believes that meaningful relationships are founded on being true to oneself and that one can truly be at their best after finding themselves.

Work is her medium for establishing meaningful relationships. For the past two decades, Faith has worked in both Singapore and Hong Kong, providing wealth management solutions for UHNW clients in Asia by working with financial institutions across the industry. That experience has helped her develop independent and client-focused solutions that enable them to perpetuate their values alongside growing their wealth.

Faith’s vantage position upstream as Chief Executive Officer of Finexis Asset Management allows her to drive consistent ideation that seeks out innovative solutions to better meet what she recognizes as a lack of investor-focused products in the market.

Having a team of like-minded people is crucial to providing sustainable investment solutions. By encouraging team members to explore within themselves and seek new possibilities, they become better versions of themselves, making FAM more effective in its purpose.

Faith is a resident lecturer for WMI (Wealth Management Institute), making her a popular trainer for private banks, insurers, and wealth managers in the region. She served as an Adjunct Associate Professor at NTU from 2018 to 2019. She graduated from ECNU (East China Normal University) with a BSc in Computer Science.